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Art of Morgan Warren

The Path Less Traveled Original Painting

The Path Less Traveled Original Painting

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The Path Less Traveled 


Acrylic on MDF Board

Approximately 23 x 19.5 inches

My painting “The Path Less Traveled” alludes to a challenge that all humans will face at one if not multiple points within their life. Which is being presented with a life altering decision or path that will entail a vastly different journey. Is it about the journey, or is it about the destination? Those who choose destination would most likely embark on the shortest path located in the center of the painting. Out of the the three caves presented, the center cave is the only one that is not illuminated, for it is the least fulfilling and all the beauty & lessons are over looked. As for the other two paths, they are both enticing in their own ways and both lead to an illuminated cave. Those who are willing to take the longer and more daunting paths will have a far more fulfilling journey, enthralled with beauty, mystery, and growth. 

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