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Art of Morgan Warren

The Balance of Nature Original Painting

The Balance of Nature Original Painting

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“The Balance of Nature”
24x30in Acrylic on Canvas

As we learn to embrace the shadow side of ourselves, only then can we achieve the balance of nature. Shadow work is about taking all the trauma we’ve endured in our life and facing it head on. It’s about making the conscious decision to no longer let our past hold us back or effect our quality of life. Healing is a long journey, one that never really ends. It starts with small daily decisions to forgive ourselves, and no longer make excuses for unhealthy behavior. We have to hold ourself accountable for all the poor decisions we made out of pain and do our best to make positive changes to mend the repercussions. We also have to acknowledge that all the good in our life couldn’t exist or wouldn’t be perceivable without all the bad. Good & Bad, Life & Death, Lightness & Darkness, they all go hand in hand and couldn’t exist without the counterpart. Learn to sit with your pain and be grateful for all you’ve experienced because it’s molded you into the strong, beautiful individual that you are today.

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