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Art of Morgan Warren

Purple Haze Original Painting

Purple Haze Original Painting

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Purple Haze Original Painting


Acrylic and Epoxy on hand cut MDF board

24x28 inches approximately 

Purple Haze is a tribute to a variety of different purple botanicals that I draw inspiration from. Nature will always be my biggest influencer. Lavender has been my favorite aromatic for as long as I can remember. I finally got the pleasure of seeing a lavender field in person, while traveling through northern Oregon, so that influenced the focal landscape of this painting. The flowers encapsulated in the dome are inspired by some I saw on my travels through California, although I’m not sure the specific species. The juicy berries are a stylized interpretation of Marion berries which I also first discovered here in Oregon. Not to mention I was recently told that my aura is purple, so makes sense that I’m reflecting that into my painting. This was also my first time using a monochromatic purple underpainting, prior to glazing the warm to cool palette over top. So despite this painting only having purple accents, it truly is a purple haze throughout. This painting pushed me to grow in more ways than I can fully comprehend at this time. It is the first die-cut I’ve done with shapes cut out of “middle” so that was extremely challenging to tackle for the first time.


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