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Art of Morgan Warren

Fluidity Original Painting Collaboration with Brian Cohen

Fluidity Original Painting Collaboration with Brian Cohen

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48in x 32in Acrylic on Canvas
Collaboration between Brian Cohen and myself.

This painting is a visual representation of the way my partner and I walk through life together. We work together to illuminate the path ahead of us. I wrote this to him in response to this painting. 
“It amazes me how far we’ve come since walking into each other’s life. We’ve grown so much as individuals and as partners. I will never be able to repay you for all the wisdom you’ve bestowed upon me. Fluidity is our way of life together. We adapt, we embrace, we accept, we let the universe guide our path and trust that it is for our greater good. I can’t fathom a life better than one with you. Forever grateful for your beautiful presence in my life. I love you. Thanks for making cool squiggles with me.

This painting originally sold back in April of 2022 but was messed up by UPS in transit. Thankfully no punctures all the way through the canvas. The wooden frame it was on broke in half and there were some minor cracks in the acrylic that I have since spent hours repairing and restreching. It’s good as new. 

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